Next Meeting Thursday 15th December 2011

The next meeting of Liverpool Trades Union Council will take place at 7.30pm on thursday 15th December 2011 at 730pm at The Unite Union Building, 1 Churchill Way, Liverpool L3 8EG. All welcome to attend.


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Protest against Liverpool City Council Budget Cuts Mon 12th Dec 2011

Protest against Liverpool City Council budget cuts, The City Council has called an Extraordinary General Meeting over its savage and brutal assault on the working class of Liverpool. Come down and voice your opposition. From 4.30pm Monday 12th December at The Town Hall, Dale Street, Liverpool. Called by Liverpool Trades Union Council and Liverpool Against The Cuts

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Anti_BNP Protest

Anti BNP Protest 5pm Contempary Urban Centre (CUC), Greenland Street, Liverpool
Thursday 29th September 2011.
The BBC Question Time is being filmed at The CUC, BNP Fascist Nick Griffin has been refused an invite but is turning up anyway,.
Keep Merseyside Free of Fascists and Racists
All Anti racist & Anti Fascist groups and individuals welcome

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Labour Party Demonstration – Sunday 25th September

Click below for poster


Say no the austerity cuts join the demonstration at the Labour Party conference on Sunday 25th september from 1pm at The BT Convention Centre, Kings Dock Liverpool

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Manchester – National TUC Demonstration Sunday 2nd October

Please see below latest info from NWTUC
Manchester for the Alternative
Sunday 2 October
Update on Arrangements

Assembly point:
We will assemble in Liverpool Road from Deansgate down towards Water Street. City Council staff with support from the Police will ensure that the assembly point is free of any traffic from early in the morning and surrounding roads will be closed as the morning progresses to ensure the safety of the assembly point.

Coaches will be advised to approach the assembly point via Trinity Way, Irwell Street and New Quay Street, turning right in to Water Street, which will be the coach drop off point. We will have stewards in place to direct marchers the short distance to Liverpool Road and the assembly area.

It had been suggested that we have staging and PA at the assembly point for an opening rally. However on investigation the shape of the assembly point means that either we would have a stage that could only be seen and heard by a very small percentage of the demonstration or we would need to install a complex series of loudspeakers along the length of Liverpool Road that would add considerably to the cost of the event for use for a comparatively short period. On balance therefore, it has been concluded that this will not be possible.

We have an agreed route that will take us alongside and around the Conference venue. From the assembly point the march will go left along Deansgate, right into John Dalton Street, ahead along Princess Street, right down Portland Street, right into Oxford Street, left into Hall Street, right on to Bale Street then left into Lower Mosley Street (this is necessary to avoid the security barriers that will be in place at the junction of Lower Mosley Street and Oxford Street), the march will then pass along Lower Mosley Street opposite the entrance and down the whole length of Manchester Central, the Conference Venue and the rally point will then be a short distance away – the details of which will be finalised with the next few days.

An e-mail flier is available to download from and printed copies will be available by the end of week, this slight delay is due to the bank holiday weekend. To order leaflets e-mail clearly stating the number of leaflets wanted and a postal address for delivery, allow 5 working days for delivery. We are drawing up a publicity strategy with our Campaigns department nationally and the NW TUC’s campaigns coordinator and will circulate more information and contact points shortly. All organisations are urged to use all the opportunities they have to publicise the event and to encourage their members and supporters to attend.

It is proposed that the rally will be opened and closed by Manchester speakers. The list of speakers is being coordinated by the TUC nationally and we need to strike a balance between difference unions, national and local speakers – and the length of the rally, if we succeed in getting the numbers we expect then large numbers of demonstrators will have travelled a distance and their return coaches will be booked to leave by around 5.00. The proposed speakers list is attached.

Relations with the Police:
We have had a number of detailed, positive and very helpful meetings with the police who have assured us that their aim is to help facilitate our event.

We have agreed that the policing style will be appropriate; the main focus is expected to be in support of traffic management and to ensure the safe flow of the march. Officers will be in normal uniform. We have said that we would not expect evidence gathering teams to be deployed except if there was an incident that would warrant the practice.

There will be provision for marchers with disabilities, including a short route, accessible toilets and a reserved viewing area at the rally site.

Health and Safety and Event Organisation:
We have got the help of the event organising company that we used for the TUC young members event in Manchester in January and for the great March 26th event in London. This will ensure that we have experienced and professional support for the technical and safety elements of the event. We will have in place a full safety plan and there will be paramedic and first aid support available at the assembly point, on the march and at the rally.

To ensure that we have an effective and safe event we need a number of stewards and we are asking all TUC affiliated unions to nominate members who are prepared to act as stewards, please e mail contact details of potential stewards to me. Pete Middleman from PCS has agreed to act as Chief Steward and Carl Roper who was Chief Steward in London on the 26 March will also be involved. All stewards will be fully briefed.

Arrangements will be made for coach drop off on Water Street, very close to the assembly point, there will be coach parking arrangements and the coach collection point for departure will be within easy walking distance of the final rally. A full advice note will be produced for coach organisers and we would hope that the False Economy Web site would be used to advertise transport availability.

Alan Manning
TUC Regional Secretary

Oct 2 Manchester fro the Alternative: Proposed list of speakers
Trades Council/Local campaign
Zita Holbourne BARAC
Paul Kenny GMB and TUC President
Len McCluskey, Unite
Christine Blower, NUT
Mark Sewotka, PCS
Chris Keats, NASUWT
Bob Crow, RMT
Mary Boustead, ATL
Rena Wood Unison
Matt Wrack FBU
Remploy local rep
Terry Hoad UCU President
Manchester Community Campaign/Trades Council

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Liverpool People’s Assembly vows to oppose all cuts

Thanks to Graeme Lamb

On 4 June 2011 almost 150 people attended the People’s Assembly Against the Cuts in the grand setting of the Black E hall in the centre of Liverpool. The Assembly was supported by a wide range of unions and campaigns from across the area.


The Assembly was called and organised by Liverpool Trades Union Council as part of its long running campaign to oppose all cuts in jobs and services, whether implemented directly by the Con Dem government or via the Labour dominated City council. It was a lively day with plenty of time for discussion.


In a session devoted to Defending Our Services, Babs Hennessey from Liverpool City Unison, Martin Kelsey from the Department of Works and Pensions section of the civil service union, the PCS and Martin Ralph from the Liverpool University branch of the college lecturers’ union, UCU, all explained the devastating impact that the cuts were having. Jobs are being slashed across the board. Services, including those for the most vulnerable sectors of society, are being bulldozed and education is being cut back and closed off to countless working class students.


In the afternoon attention switched to Defending the NHS and Greg Dropkin from Keep Our NHS Public, Larry Bowles from Unite the Union and Barbara Cookson from Unison – both on the Royal and Broadgreen hospitals joint staff side shop stewards’ committee – outlined the way in which Private Finance Initiative (PFI) schemes, creeping privatization and “efficiency savings” were bleeding the NHS of meaningful resources and at the same time creating an unregulated sector in health care that makes enormous profits out of people’s illnesses.


A final session on the theme of Defending Our Communities, was addressed by Celia Watson from the Merseyside Network Against Cuts and Fees, John Warburton the Co-ordinator of the Runcorn Unemployed Community Workers’ Centre, Lisa Dempster, a mother campaigning to keep open the local government funded nursery in Dovecot and Razak Mossa from chair of Liverpool’s Arabic Centre.


The mood of defiance that these speakers injected into the conference was eloquently summed up by Lisa Dempster. When City Council leader Joe Anderson told her he had to balance his books with a £91 million cuts package she told Mr Anderson, “Are you going to explain to me how I tell my three year old daughter that she cannot go to a nursery she loves and be looked after by nursery workers who care for her because of your support for cuts? That’s my problem Mr Anderson, not balancing your books. That is the real world and the real impact your cuts will have.”


All the speakers on the day stressed the need to build resistance from the grass roots and co-ordinate it by building support for the public sector strike action on 30 June and for the demonstration to defend the NHS on 5 July between 12 noon and 2pm outside the Royal Hospital. Alongside these, and other action, speakers argued throughout of the need to recognise that “we are all in this together”, but not in the way the Tories mean it. We mean we are all in this fight together and will support each and every campaign and strike against each and every cut. We won’t let them divide us.


In the discussions on the day these themes were taken up by many of the participants. They were echoed by Razak Mossa who pointed out that while supporting the uprisings against dictators across the Arab world the Liverpool Arabic community was also fighting cuts to the funding of its services here taking its place as part of the united Liverpool working class. Razak added, “How can we support the risings in the Arab world against not just dictatorship but also against terrible services and unemployment and not support that fight here in the UK?”


Daren Ireland, President of Liverpool TUC, closed the day by moving a statement from the Officers’ of Liverpool Trades Union Council outlining a programme of action, from now until the autumn, action that will include a mass lobby of the Labour Party conference here in Liverpool and a mass demonstration against the government when the Tories’ gather for their conference in October in Manchester.


Daren explained, “Liverpool Trades Union Council has been at the forefront of the campaign against cuts not just in this city but across the country. Today’s conference shows the support we have for that fight across the unions and across communities – from the Arab Revolution to the Royal and Broadgreen hospitals, from the nursery at Dovecot to the Government’s Call Centres that are under attack, and from City Council workforce  through to students and lecturers whose courses face the chop. In the months ahead we ask all of those committed to defending our services, jobs, NHS and communities to join us in our campaign.”


Statement from the Liverpool People’s Assembly:                                         

Liverpool TUC thanks everyone for attending today’s event. Its purpose was simple – to bring together as many unions, community campaigns and activists as possible to unify the struggles against the cuts that are taking place in our city.

Liverpool Trades Union Council is in favour of maximum unity between all workers – public and private, unemployed and employed, black and ethnic minorities and white workers, communities and unions – against all cuts to our public service no matter who implements them. Our next steps must be:

  • Full support the campaigns to keep Liverpool’s Nurseries open and to unite behind these campaigns to force the council to stop its cuts to these services.
  • Full support to the campaign by the Shorefields school teachers, parents, students and community to stop the attempt by the school head and governors to turn the school into a private academy under the control of the University of Chester.
  • Full support to the public sector strike on 30 June and encouragement to the unions involved to hold a united rally on the day, to support the Banner Theatre anti-cuts play to be performed on the day and to support any follow up actions that any of the unions agree to hold.
  • Full support to the proposed demonstration and lobby of the Labour Party conference in Liverpool this year and to the fringe meeting called by the Merseyside Association of Trades Union Councils.
  • Full support for the demonstration at the Tory Party conference in Manchester this year called by the North West Trades Union Council and led by the Greater Manchester Association of Trades Union Councils.
  • Full support to every community, union and campaign against any cuts imposed by the Council or the Government.

To carry these objectives forward Liverpool Trades Union Council invites all campaigns and community organisations present today to attend its meetings over the next months to participate in our anti-cuts work and to discuss with us how best to take forward and build a broad trade union and community campaign against the cuts. To all trade unionists present we ask that you get your branches to affiliate to and actively participate in the meetings of Liverpool TUC.

To assess the progress of this work we propose holding a recall People’s Assembly in late October.

Agreed by the Liverpool People’s Assembly Saturday  4 June 2011

Supporters and sponsors of the Liverpool People’s Assembly       4 June 2011 include

Liverpool Trades Union Council

Wirral Trades Union Council

Sefton Trades Union Council

Merseyside Association of Trades Union Councils

Unite Merseyside Community Branch

Unite Plasterers Branch

Unite North West Construction Branch 6/542

UCU Liverpool University

RMT Liverpool No.5

PCS DWP Liverpool Branch

Unite Liverpool 0538 Branch

Unite Calderstones School Branch

The Royal and Broadgreen Joint Shop Stewards Committee

National Pensioners Convention Liverpool Branch

Keep Our NHS Public

Merseyside Women Against The Cuts

The National Shop Stewards Network

Nerve Magazine

The Right to Work Campaign

The Trade Union and Socialist Coalition

Merseyside Stop the War

Merseyside Unite Against Fascism (LMHR)

Merseyside Communist Party

Merseyside Morning Star Supporters Group

The Socialist Party

The Socialist Workers Party

The International Socialist League

Thank you!

Please note sponsorship and support for the Liverpool People’s Assembly does not imply that any of the sponsors automatically agree with the statement proposed by the Liverpool Trades Union Council’s Officers 

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Peoples Assembly Against The Cuts

Its a free event if you wish to pre-register please fill out form below, it is perfectly ok to turn up on the day – Creche Available and Disability Access.
If you wish to have a stall please leave a comment on form below.

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Minutes March 2011

Liverpool Trades Union Council Meeting

Thursday17 March 2011

Friends House, School Lane


Mark Hoskisson (Unite Merseyside Community Branch)

Dave Walsh (Unite 6/585))

Paul Astbury (Unite 6/585)

Ronnie Proffitt (Unite 652)

Daren Ireland (RMT Liverpool No.5)

Martin Ralph (UCU Liverpool University)

Billy Wilson (National Pensioners Convention)

Steve Mulholland (NML PCS)

Kev Purdy (Liverpool Unison)

John Farmer (PCS DWP Liverpool)

John Flanagan (UCATT – observer)

Ritchie Hunter (Unite)

Anne Gorton (USDAW K130)

Sue Bennett (Unite)

Rhiainon Lowton (Unite/MNAFAC)

Starleaf Lowton

Paul Filby (UCATT, Garston)

Celia Watson (Unemployed)

Jamie Spackman (Unemployed)

James Jones (Unemployed)

Reg Andrew (Unite)

Alan Brown (Love Music Hate Racism)

Ritchie Hunter (Unite 6/12)

Chris Rankin (Unite 522)

Kim Worrall (MNAFAC)


None received

  1. President’s welcome:

Sue Bennett opened the meeting and welcomed the delegates. In particular she welcomed those new delegates and observers who had come along to the meeting to discuss the Trades Council’s ongoing work around the cuts and its efforts to mobilise large numbers of people to join the TUC’s planned march in London on 26 March.

  1. Annual General Meeting Opened:

a)    Reports submitted by Secretary and Treasurer. Both reports approved.

b)    Elections:

President – Nominations for Daren Ireland received – elected unanimously

Secretary – Nominations for Mark Hoskisson received – elected unanimously

Treasurer – Nominations for John farmer received – elected unanimously

Vice President – Nominations for Sue Bennett received – elected unanimously

Vice President – Nominations received for Martin Ralph – elected unanimously

Vice Secretary – Nominations for Dave Walsh received – elected unanimously

Executive – Above officers plus nominations received for Ronnie Proffitt, Paul Philby, Paul Astbury, Ritchie Hunter, Kev Purdy – elected unanimously

MATUC – Nominations received for Mark Hoskisson, John Farmer, Daren Ireland, Sue Bennett, Ronnie Proffitt, Dave Walsh, Martin Ralph, Paul Astbury – elected unanimously

May Day Committee – Mark Hoskisson, Daren Ireland, John Farmer – elected unanimously

John Flanagan nominated but cannot stand due to status as observer.

  1. Minutes and matter arising

a)    Minutes from February not yet produced. Apologies.

b)    Attended February meeting and claimed that he had no alternative but to implement the cuts. LTUC explained why it was totally opposed to his position.

c)    Coaches for 26 March – six coaches booked, stewards appointed, leaflets for coaches, posters etc to be produced by Mark Hoskisson and printed by John Farmer. Daren to liaise with coach company. LTUC welcomed report from Celia that Sefton TUC would donate £500 towards our costs for coaches. A big thank you to Sefton.

  1. Anti-Cuts Campaign


Daren Ireland opened discussion reporting on successful lobby and public meeting that LTUC organised. E mailed all councillors requesting LTUC spoke. Laboiur agreed and then withdrew agreement and refused us entry. An amendment eventually allowed us to speak and Daren was able to address the meeting. Also discussed work for London 26 March – TUC demo against the cuts.

Discussion followed with nine speakers. Following discussion it was agreed:

  • To hold an anti cuts sub committee on 30 March
  • To plan a second newsletter
  • To organise a Liverpool wide anti-cuts conference
  • To relaunch attempt to establish close links with community groups
  • To send speakers to Lecturers strike rallies the following week
  • To examine ways of buildfing links with other anti-cuts campaigns around the country
  1. Secretary’s Report

Please note items from the report sent out in advance or dealt with in March and that do not require further action or on which no decision was taken at the meeting have not been reproduced here. You can still see those items in the Secretary’s report circulated to all affiliates.

a)    Just a short update on Merseyside May Day.  We have now confirmed our first speaker which will be Lawrence Dunn Chair of PCS NW Region from Liverpool. The  march / rally will now take place in the afternoon (2.30pm assemble at metropolitan Cathedral) so as not clash with the Liverpool versus Newcastle game.

b)    From Alun Parry: – The Working Class Life & Music Festival which I run starts next month in Liverpool. It has over 40 events and takes place right across Liverpool from 22nd April to 30th April. It is the largest celebration of working people on the planet. I’m urging supporters to join up as a Festival Champion to help spread the word. It’s really easy and only takes seconds to do each mission. If you believe in what the festival is doing, sign up as a champion too just by clicking this link

c)    Agreed Daren Ireland as delegate to Trades Councils conference.

d)    All other items dealt with in March.

  1. Treasurer’s report:

£4171.14 in ordinary account as of 31/12/2010

£7256.33 in Life and Welfare account.

MATUC affiliation – agreed £160

  1. Industrial:

UCU – strikes on 22 and 24 March on pensions issue and related to cuts – agreed to send speakers to rallies on both days (Daren Ireland and Dave Walsh)

Unite – will ballot on pensions if Hutton report is implemented

Michael Gove – rumoured to be attending a Liverpool school on 25 or 26 March

UCATT – JF reported that the UCATT website had carried a press statement reporting the Certification Officer’s report requiring the GS to stand down and that there would be another election for that post shortly.

  1. MATUC

The next meeting is on 19 March 2011, 10.00am at the Casa.

  1. Health and Safety:

John Flanagan attended meeting in Friend’s meeting house 3rd March on Health & Safety Week. Attended by Hilda Palmer (HAZARDS), Bill Baldwin (UCATT), Dr. David Whyte and other speakers including a PCS representative.

The meeting highlighted the short comings of the HSE and the 35% cuts in their budget. Bill Baldwin of UCATT gave a particularly vivid portrayal of the construction industry today.

  1. North West TUC:

Delegates to this meeting reported that a Unite motion was passed condemning all councils who carried out cuts, including Labour, and called for strike action against cuts. This won two to one and received backing of PCS, RMT and NUT.

  1. AOB


a)    Wisconsin – agreed to send support to strikers there

b)    Ritchie Hunter reported on “Insurrection” events at FASCT between 31 March and 12 April. All welcome

c)    Communications Officer – Kev Purdy asked if new executive could look into whether it was possible for LTUC to have one

  1. Next Meeting

Thursday 14 April 2011 7.30pm Friends House, School Lane




Liverpool Trades Union Council Meeting

Thursday 14 April 2011 at 7.30pm

Friends House, School Lane, Liverpool

To:      Branch secretaries and Delegates.

Agenda to include:

President’s welcome and opening remarks.


Minutes of previous meeting.

Matters arising

Anti-Cuts Work

Secretary’s report (including correspondence).

Treasurer’s report

Industrial Reports



Health and Safety Report


Secretary’s Report to April 2011 Liverpool Trades Union Council

a) E mail updates from Cuba solidarity. Go to for details. Plus info now available on cultural events from

b) United Campaign to Repeal the Anti Trade Union Laws E Mail for bulletin.

c) Miscellaneous e mails regarding Women’s Charter

d) Miscellaneous e mails concerning Blacklisting campaign

e) Various bulletins from the Anti Academies Alliance

f) Notice of 2011 day event 8 October 2011 at Liverpool School of Art and design (JMU) 10.00am

g) Request to affiliate to Coalition of Resistance

h) Request to affiliate to National Shop Stewards Network

i) Information on Working Class Life and Music Festival starting 22 April

j) Notification of Workers’ memorial Day event 28 April GMB Columbus Quay, 9.30am, Unite 12 noon Georges Dock Pier Head.

k) Morning Star Financial Appeal

l) Information on and from the Liverpool Socialist Singers

m) Leaflet on Insurrection event running until 12 April (see previous month’s minutes

n) request from may Day organisers for LTUC speaker – Anti-cuts sub committee proposed Martin Ralph due to his recent involvement in strike action

o) The Democrat – paper of the Campaign against Euro federalism

n) Request from Love Music Hate Racism that LTUC join Saturday stall campaigning against BNP/EDL on 16 and 30 April

m) Notification from Love Music Hate Racism of Liverpool anti-racist music festival planned for 9 July 2011

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Minutes January 2011

Liverpool Trades Union Council Meeting

Thursday 20 January 2011

Friends House, School Lane


Mark Hoskisson (Unite Merseyside Community Branch)

Dave Walsh (Unite 6/585))

Paul Astbury (Unite 6/585)

Daren Ireland (RMT Liverpool No.5)

Billy Kimm (RMT Liverpool 5)

Martin Ralph (UCU Liverpool University)

Jayne Pinder (PCS Liverpool Revenue)

Paul Smith (PCS Liverpool Revenue)

Billy Wilson (National Pensioners Convention)

Mike Nealis (NML PCS)

Steve Mulholland (NML PCS)

Kev Purdy (Liverpool Unison)

Matt Shiel (Home Office PCS)

John Farmer (PCS DWP Liverpool)

John Flanagan (UCATT – observer)

Ritchie Hunter (Unite)


Phil Wiseman, Ronnie Proffitt, Sue Bennett, John Wiseman, Ann Gorton, Babs Hennessey, Alan Saunders

  1. President’s welcome:

Daren Ireland opened the meeting and welcomed the delegates. He pointed to ongoing struggles against cuts in jobs and services as evidence of the need for Liverpool TUC to keep up its already strong campaign against the government.

  1. Minutes and matter arising

a)    Minutes from December agreed as correct. Apologies for delays in production and non-appearance of November’s meeting due to problems arising from family illnesses that had prevented the attendance of the Secretary.

b)    MATUC had accepted the motions forwarded from the last LTUC meeting regarding cuts and police attacks on students and they had now beenj forwarded to national TUC to call for an inquiry into police violence against students on 9 December.

c)    Carious replies to LTUC letter to councillor have been received and will be circulated.

d)    Merseyside Public Sector Alliance demo on 5 February. LTUC delegates to MATUC had raised concerns with venue of rally after demo (Anglican cathedral) because of apparent restrictions on freedom of expression by speakers proposed by cathedral authorities. In the light of this LTUC agreed the following points:

  • We support the demo but register our opposition to any restrictions on freedom of expression on the day
  • We agree that any future decisions on venues that may cause similar problems are taken in consultation with the relevant local TUC/union bodies and officers
  • We request of the MPSA that the Hope campaign is given a speaker at the rally (Martin Ralph to follow this up with MPSA)

e)    Robert Noonan – circular with details of event on 3 February sent to all delegates. All welcome to attend the event on 3 February (see circular for full itinerary). Can anyone attending who is willing to steward the event please contact John Flanagan and let him know.

  1. Anti-Cuts Campaign

a)    Hope University:

Caroline Bennett from Hope UCU addressed the meeting. She explained that the Univerity Authorities had begun a 90 day consultation over 110 redundancies and that this came without any prior warning or negotiation. The union responded by holding its largest ever branch meeting which voted overwhelmingly for a ballot on industrial action.

A campaign against the cuts has now been launched. Management have responded with an unprecedented number of disciplinaries and work reviews. The cuts have been announced at the same time as a £250k spending programme on pianos and a £250k donation to an Academy were also announced!

There was no consultation with the union when the governors approved the job cuts which will have a major impact on staff and students.

LTUC agreed:

  • To give the Hope UCU campaign full support
  • To ask MPSA to have a UCU Hope speaker at its rally on 5 March
  • To give UCU Hope a speaker at our public meeting on 10 February (details attached)
  • To issue a press release and write to local MPs in support of Hope UCU (attached)
  • To circulate information and updates to delegates about the campaign
  • To facilitate liaison between staff and students (Mark Hoskisson to liaise with Ritchie Hunter over student drama project against cuts, Martin Ralph to liaise with University students)
  • To support any actions called by Hope UCU
  • To invite Hope UCU to affiliate tpo the Trades Council
  • To appoint martin Ralph as the LTUC liaison point with Hope UCU

b)    Public meeting:

This is now confirmed at the Green Room, Duke Street, Central Liverpool, 7.00pm, 10 February. Speakers: Ricky Tomlinson, Ken Loach, Tony Mulhearn, Lizzie O’Rourke (student), Emily Kelly (PCS), Hope UCU, Mark Hoskisson (LTUC). Daren will update and circulate leaflet. Can all affiliates start building this meeting as widely as possible.

c)    Other events:

  • Wigan 22 January – March
  • Manchester 22 January – Conference (Martin Ralph to go as LTUC delegate)
  • London 22 January – NSSN conference London, Dave Walsh and Daren Ireland to go as delegates (LTUC discussed recent events in the NSSN including dispoutes within its leadership. Different views were expressed but it was agreed that Dave Walsh and Daren would represent a balanced delegation)
  • Liverpool 29 January – JTUC March Liverpool St George’s Plateau, 11.00am
  • Manchester 29 January – TUC Youth Rally
  • Liverpool 31 January – NWTUC briefing to Trades Council, 5.30pm Cotton Exchange, martin Ralph, Daren Ireland, John Farmer to go as delegates
  • Liverpool 5 February – MPSA demonstration, 11.00am assemble behind Liverpool Town Hall
  • London 26 March – TUC demo against the cuts
  1. Secretary’s Report

Please note items from the report sent out in advance or dealt with in December and that do not require further action or on which no decision was taken at the meeting have not been reproduced here. You can still see those items in the Secretary’s report circulated to all affiliates.

a)   Request to affiliate to Nicaraguan Solidarity Campaign Action group – Noted

b)   Notification X4 of TUC Women’s conference, Black Workers conference, Disability conference and LGBT conference. Jayne Pinder from PCS to attend women’s conference

c)   Notification of Trades Councils 2011 conference plus newsletters, programme of work and delegates info – discuss at next meeting

d)   Request to be put on an LTUC events e list from Tom Walker – no one knows who he is so Mark Hoskisson is making further enquiries.

e) Fire Safety appeal from News from Nowhere – Agreed to donate £50

f) Request for help from two students regarding a drama project against the cuts – Mark Hoskisson to pass details on to Ritchie Hunter

  1. Treasurer’s report:

£3189.49 in ordinary account as of 31/12/2010

£7303.72 in Life and Welfare account.

  1. Industrial:

Daren reported on two day strike on 28 December and on ongoing dispute regarding the use of cheap labour to undermine Union on isle of man Steam Packet route.

  1. Anti-fascism

Daren Ireland reported on split in Liverpool BNP. Now need to keep our eyes open for British Freedom Party.

Resolution on anti fascism from Unite Voluntary sector received. It is reprinted here but because of lack of time it was referred to the next meeting.


Union notes

  1. That organisations like the EDL are being more confident in their protests and actions.
  2. That Tory/Liberal cuts in jobs, benefits and services will worsen social conditions and provide the environment in which far right organisations grow.
  3. That in Bradford local anti –fascist activists organised successfully against the EDL – refusing to be herded into the police kettle and making it difficult for the EDL to march. They successfully called on local Asians to ignore their mosque leaders call to stay away and organised black and white unity against the EDL.

Union believes

  1. If the EDL and fascist organisations march in Liverpool we need a united labour movement response.
  2. Merseyside TUC should organise a counter demonstration and aim to stop the far right from marching. We should refuse to accept kettling by the police. We should link up with trade union, labour movement and community anti- fascist groups.
  3. Our demands should be – stop the cuts – for jobs and homes not racism – providing answers to those who may be supportive of the simplistic answers the far right offer to economic problems.
  1. Motions:

Motion One:

“Liverpool TUC agrees to support the Right to Resist, by which we mean:

• For the right to organise and protest

• Defend those arrested in the recent student protests

• Stop police brutality and intimidation

• Ban kettling

• Stop the cuts

The vicious police response to the recent student protests is wholly unacceptable and totally uncalled for. The baton charges and use of ‘kettling’ only serve to fuel anger and frustration and in part, at least, are deliberately designed to provoke strong reactions from demonstrators.

Police brutality and intimidation on demonstrations, protests and picket lines are nothing new. As the class struggle grows in the wake of the Tory/Lib-Dem government’s ideology-driven attack on public services and jobs, the role of the police in ‘managing’ protests will continue to grow and harden.

We demand that all the charges are dropped against all students and their supporters arrested in the recent wave of student activity.

We call for a ban on ‘kettling’ as a means of control and intimidation of peaceful protesters. ‘Kettling’ has been added to the armoury of police warfare, alongside baton and horse-mounted police cavalry charges, to intimidate protesters and dissenters.

We believe that the Tory/Lib-Dem government has no majority electoral mandate for the cuts it is pushing through. People voted for the Tory-stooge Lib-Dems on a promise that they would oppose the cuts which they are now helping the Tories railroad through.

We believe ‘kettling’ is arbitrary imprisonment and is a direct attack on our basic human right to protest, contravening Articles 10 and 11 of the Human Rights Act. We call on student and labour movement organisations to actively oppose ‘kettling’.”

Agreed Unanimously

Motion Two

Motion: Women Against the Cuts


1. Over recent months the Government has announced £18bn of cuts to social

security and welfare. The changes are clearly going to hit women hard –

particularly pregnant women and single mothers.

2. An analysis of the June budget by the House of Commons Library has already told

us that that women will pay for roughly 72 per cent of the net cost of the changes

in taxes, benefits and tax credits set out in the budget.

3. Specific cuts that will affect families with children include:

• the abolition of the Health in Pregnancy Grant

• a three-year freeze in the value of Child Benefit, in addition to the withdrawal of

Child Benefit from women living in a household where one adult is a higher rate


• the abolition of the Baby Element of Tax Credits (worth a maximum of £545 to

eligible families) and a reversal of previous Government’s commitment to

introduce a Toddler Tax Credit (worth a maximum of £208 for eligible families)

• a cut in the proportion of childcare costs that are covered for families eligible for

Working Tax Credit, from 80 per cent of costs to 70 per cent of costs

• a three-year freeze in the value of Working Tax Credit

4. With 500,000 public sector jobs to be axed as a result of the government’s

spending review, it is likely that at least 325,000 of those losing their jobs will be

women. In local authorities, which will take the biggest cut, women make up 68

per cent of the workforce.

5. In the context of 27 per cent cuts to local government funding by 2014–15, a wide

range of services that benefit women and families will inevitably be cut or scaled

back. Women are more likely than men to use many services including social care,

libraries, education (further education and higher education), early years care

services, sexual/reproductive health services, and healthcare services in general.


1. To support and encourage the establishment of bodies like Merseyside Women Against the Cuts and London Women Against the cuts which are highlighting the effect the cuts will have on Women and encouraging more women to get involved in anti-cuts campaigns.

2. To circulate information from these campaigns throughout our union and those affiliated to the TUC.

3. To make a donation of £50 to Merseyside Women Against the cuts.

Agreed unanimously

  1. AOB:

a)    Keep our NHS Public event to discuss PFI at Royal and smear campaign against Sam Semov. February 3, 7.00pm, Kensington Fields Community centre

b)    Martin reported presence of Brazilian trade unionists from Conlutas in coming months. Will look at diary in the light of Joe Anderson being at next meeting.

  1. Next Meeting


17 February 2011, 7.30pm, Friends House, School Lane. Joe Anderson, the Labour leader of the Council has been invited to attend this meeting to discuss the cuts. Joe has agreed to attend so we would urge all delegates to make extra effort to attend this important meeting.


Having said this the Secretary, Mark Hoskisson, has to give advance notice that because of a prior work engagement he has to give his apologies for this meeting!

For information:

Letter to MPs re Hope incorporating Press Statement

23 January 2011, To: All Liverpool MPs

Dear Member of Parliament                                    ,

Please find below the text of a press statement issued by Liverpool Trades Union Council today. The statement concerns the proposed cuts at the city’s Hope University, an institution I am sure you are familiar with. We would be very grateful if you could use your positions as MPs to raise this matter in the House with the Secretary of State, table opposition to these cuts as an Early Day Motion and write to the University to express your concern at this development and call on the authorities’ to withdraw their proposals.

Liverpool TUC pledges full support to Hope University workers’ campaign against cuts and redundancies

On Thursday 20 January 2011, delegates to Liverpool Trades Union Council’s meeting heard a representative of the University and College Union (UCU) speak on plans by Hope University to axe over 100 jobs at the institution, at least 60 of which will be academic posts.

The UCU speaker confirmed predictions made by Liverpool TUC that the ConDem government’s savage cuts will hit every public service, cost thousands upon thousands of jobs and threaten the entire education, health and welfare system in this country.

But the UCU representative also confirmed why the Liverpool Trades Union Council has been building a strong campaign of action to fight these cuts. At an emergency union meeting last week UCU members at Liverpool Hope University launched a campaign to save jobs and called for a ballot for industrial action. That is the kind of determination needed to stop the cuts.

The union says the university cannot axe jobs when it does not yet know what its teaching grant will be, what its quota of training places from the Training and Development Agency (TDA) will be, what the outcome of the government’s proposals on the future of teaching training will be, or what level of tuition fee it will charge from 2012. Despite this the University authorities are racing to make pre-emptive cuts putting jobs and courses at risk.

Liverpool Trades Union Council welcomed the response of the UCU members and pledged its full support to their campaign. We will do everything we can to publicise the union’s campaign, raise the need for solidarity with it from other unions and local Labour MPs and help UCU link up with local students already fighting the cuts in the city.

Liverpool Trades Union Council President Daren Ireland said, “This is shows the need for a union-wide campaign against the cuts and our trades council is busy building such a campaign. We will be inviting a Hope University UCU member to address our meeting against the cuts on 10 February 20121 at 7.00pm, at the Green Room on Duke Street, Liverpool City Centre. We are certain that the other speakers, Ricky Tomlinson and film director Ken Loach amongst others, will show their support for the Hope campaign.”

We would be pleased to hear your response to the above. Thank you in advance.

Liverpool Trades Union Council Meeting

Thursday 17 February 2011 at 7.30pm

Friends House, School Lane, Liverpool

To:          Branch secretaries and Delegates.

Agenda to include:

President’s welcome and opening remarks.


Minutes of previous meeting.

Matters arising

Labour Council Leader, Joe Anderson to address the meeting on the question of the cuts

Anti-Cuts Report

Secretary’s report (including correspondence).

Treasurer’s report

Industrial Reports



Health and Safety Report


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Green Room Rally

Liverpool TUC hosts mass rally against the cuts at The Green Room, 11 February 2011 

With the government ramming through its cuts and with the city’s Labour Council implementing those cuts as well as a first wave of 1500 job cuts from its workforce Liverpool Trades Union Council held a public meeting on Thursday 10 February to put the case for a fight back.

Over 400 people packed into The Green Room club on Duke Street while another 70 were unable to get in because the venue was packed to capacity. This was the biggest meeting in Liverpool since the early days of the Stop the War campaign.

On the platform Ricky Tomlinson, actor, comedian and jailed Shrewsbury building worker picket exposed the state conspiracy that had locked him and other building workers away in the 1970s on trumped up charges.

A young student, Lizzie O’Rourke, put the case for free education eloquently, while Sam Spryke from the lecturers’ union UCU demonstrated the link between the students fight and that currently being waged against cuts and sackings at the city’s Hope University.

Tony Mulhearn, one of the surcharged Liverpool councillors from the 1980s made the point that if the councillors back then were prepared to risk all in the fight to defend workers’ interests it was entirely possible for today’s Labour council to do the same now. He said that the council needed to withdraw its proposed cuts or face a mighty wave of opposition from the city’s working class.

Emily Kelly from the civil service union the PCS highlighted the lies about the deficit, the alternative to cuts and her union’s commitment to a campaign of co-ordinated action to fight them. Film director Ken Loach went through the real detail of the cuts, the devastating impact they would have on the working class and raised the alternative to accepting them – unity of the working class in a campaign of industrial action to defeat every cut back.

Mark Hoskisson, Secretary of Liverpool Trades Union Council, said the size of the meeting reflected the extent of opposition to the cuts – from either the Con Dem government or the Labour Council – and re-affirmed the Trades Council’s commitment to promoting, co-ordinating and organising a campaign of mass action to stop them. If the TUC won’t act, he said, let them get out of the way because the Liverpool TUC will.

People were soon queuing for affiliation forms to join the Trades Council.

Debate from the floor followed and a number of speakers from the audience were able to address the meeting and pose the question to Joe Anderson, the Labour Council leader who had attended the meeting, that if cuts from Cameron are wrong then surely 1500 redundancies from Labour were wrong too.

The meeting closed with a pledge to call on the unions to use the 26 March TUC demo as a springboard to further action including a public sector wide strike. It also began organising for a lobby of the council meeting planned to discuss the cuts on 2 March, 4.30pm, Liverpool Town Hall.

Liverpool TUC President Daren Ireland said, “It is difficult to convey in words the full significance of this meeting and its atmosphere of anger and defiance. It was huge. It was militant and it drew in a new generation of activists as well as revitalising many who hadn’t been at a meeting or demo for years. It also left Joe Anderson in no doubt at all that the fight is on and it is now time for him and his council to choose sides. The fight is on.”

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