Minutes March 2011

Liverpool Trades Union Council Meeting

Thursday17 March 2011

Friends House, School Lane


Mark Hoskisson (Unite Merseyside Community Branch)

Dave Walsh (Unite 6/585))

Paul Astbury (Unite 6/585)

Ronnie Proffitt (Unite 652)

Daren Ireland (RMT Liverpool No.5)

Martin Ralph (UCU Liverpool University)

Billy Wilson (National Pensioners Convention)

Steve Mulholland (NML PCS)

Kev Purdy (Liverpool Unison)

John Farmer (PCS DWP Liverpool)

John Flanagan (UCATT – observer)

Ritchie Hunter (Unite)

Anne Gorton (USDAW K130)

Sue Bennett (Unite)

Rhiainon Lowton (Unite/MNAFAC)

Starleaf Lowton

Paul Filby (UCATT, Garston)

Celia Watson (Unemployed)

Jamie Spackman (Unemployed)

James Jones (Unemployed)

Reg Andrew (Unite)

Alan Brown (Love Music Hate Racism)

Ritchie Hunter (Unite 6/12)

Chris Rankin (Unite 522)

Kim Worrall (MNAFAC)


None received

  1. President’s welcome:

Sue Bennett opened the meeting and welcomed the delegates. In particular she welcomed those new delegates and observers who had come along to the meeting to discuss the Trades Council’s ongoing work around the cuts and its efforts to mobilise large numbers of people to join the TUC’s planned march in London on 26 March.

  1. Annual General Meeting Opened:

a)    Reports submitted by Secretary and Treasurer. Both reports approved.

b)    Elections:

President – Nominations for Daren Ireland received – elected unanimously

Secretary – Nominations for Mark Hoskisson received – elected unanimously

Treasurer – Nominations for John farmer received – elected unanimously

Vice President – Nominations for Sue Bennett received – elected unanimously

Vice President – Nominations received for Martin Ralph – elected unanimously

Vice Secretary – Nominations for Dave Walsh received – elected unanimously

Executive – Above officers plus nominations received for Ronnie Proffitt, Paul Philby, Paul Astbury, Ritchie Hunter, Kev Purdy – elected unanimously

MATUC – Nominations received for Mark Hoskisson, John Farmer, Daren Ireland, Sue Bennett, Ronnie Proffitt, Dave Walsh, Martin Ralph, Paul Astbury – elected unanimously

May Day Committee – Mark Hoskisson, Daren Ireland, John Farmer – elected unanimously

John Flanagan nominated but cannot stand due to status as observer.

  1. Minutes and matter arising

a)    Minutes from February not yet produced. Apologies.

b)    Attended February meeting and claimed that he had no alternative but to implement the cuts. LTUC explained why it was totally opposed to his position.

c)    Coaches for 26 March – six coaches booked, stewards appointed, leaflets for coaches, posters etc to be produced by Mark Hoskisson and printed by John Farmer. Daren to liaise with coach company. LTUC welcomed report from Celia that Sefton TUC would donate £500 towards our costs for coaches. A big thank you to Sefton.

  1. Anti-Cuts Campaign


Daren Ireland opened discussion reporting on successful lobby and public meeting that LTUC organised. E mailed all councillors requesting LTUC spoke. Laboiur agreed and then withdrew agreement and refused us entry. An amendment eventually allowed us to speak and Daren was able to address the meeting. Also discussed work for London 26 March – TUC demo against the cuts.

Discussion followed with nine speakers. Following discussion it was agreed:

  • To hold an anti cuts sub committee on 30 March
  • To plan a second newsletter
  • To organise a Liverpool wide anti-cuts conference
  • To relaunch attempt to establish close links with community groups
  • To send speakers to Lecturers strike rallies the following week
  • To examine ways of buildfing links with other anti-cuts campaigns around the country
  1. Secretary’s Report

Please note items from the report sent out in advance or dealt with in March and that do not require further action or on which no decision was taken at the meeting have not been reproduced here. You can still see those items in the Secretary’s report circulated to all affiliates.

a)    Just a short update on Merseyside May Day.  We have now confirmed our first speaker which will be Lawrence Dunn Chair of PCS NW Region from Liverpool. The  march / rally will now take place in the afternoon (2.30pm assemble at metropolitan Cathedral) so as not clash with the Liverpool versus Newcastle game.

b)    From Alun Parry: – The Working Class Life & Music Festival which I run starts next month in Liverpool. It has over 40 events and takes place right across Liverpool from 22nd April to 30th April. It is the largest celebration of working people on the planet. I’m urging supporters to join up as a Festival Champion to help spread the word. It’s really easy and only takes seconds to do each mission. If you believe in what the festival is doing, sign up as a champion too just by clicking this link http://www.workingclassmusic.org.uk/get-involved/

c)    Agreed Daren Ireland as delegate to Trades Councils conference.

d)    All other items dealt with in March.

  1. Treasurer’s report:

£4171.14 in ordinary account as of 31/12/2010

£7256.33 in Life and Welfare account.

MATUC affiliation – agreed £160

  1. Industrial:

UCU – strikes on 22 and 24 March on pensions issue and related to cuts – agreed to send speakers to rallies on both days (Daren Ireland and Dave Walsh)

Unite – will ballot on pensions if Hutton report is implemented

Michael Gove – rumoured to be attending a Liverpool school on 25 or 26 March

UCATT – JF reported that the UCATT website had carried a press statement reporting the Certification Officer’s report requiring the GS to stand down and that there would be another election for that post shortly.

  1. MATUC

The next meeting is on 19 March 2011, 10.00am at the Casa.

  1. Health and Safety:

John Flanagan attended meeting in Friend’s meeting house 3rd March on Health & Safety Week. Attended by Hilda Palmer (HAZARDS), Bill Baldwin (UCATT), Dr. David Whyte and other speakers including a PCS representative.

The meeting highlighted the short comings of the HSE and the 35% cuts in their budget. Bill Baldwin of UCATT gave a particularly vivid portrayal of the construction industry today.

  1. North West TUC:

Delegates to this meeting reported that a Unite motion was passed condemning all councils who carried out cuts, including Labour, and called for strike action against cuts. This won two to one and received backing of PCS, RMT and NUT.

  1. AOB


a)    Wisconsin – agreed to send support to strikers there

b)    Ritchie Hunter reported on “Insurrection” events at FASCT between 31 March and 12 April. All welcome

c)    Communications Officer – Kev Purdy asked if new executive could look into whether it was possible for LTUC to have one

  1. Next Meeting

Thursday 14 April 2011 7.30pm Friends House, School Lane




Liverpool Trades Union Council Meeting

Thursday 14 April 2011 at 7.30pm

Friends House, School Lane, Liverpool

To:      Branch secretaries and Delegates.

Agenda to include:

President’s welcome and opening remarks.


Minutes of previous meeting.

Matters arising

Anti-Cuts Work

Secretary’s report (including correspondence).

Treasurer’s report

Industrial Reports



Health and Safety Report


Secretary’s Report to April 2011 Liverpool Trades Union Council

a) E mail updates from Cuba solidarity. Go to http://www.cuba-solidarity.org.uk for details. Plus info now available on cultural events from http://www.cuba50.org.

b) United Campaign to Repeal the Anti Trade Union Laws E Mail office@unitedcampaign.org.uk for bulletin.

c) Miscellaneous e mails regarding Women’s Charter

d) Miscellaneous e mails concerning Blacklisting campaign

e) Various bulletins from the Anti Academies Alliance

f) Notice of 2011 day event 8 October 2011 at Liverpool School of Art and design (JMU) 10.00am

g) Request to affiliate to Coalition of Resistance

h) Request to affiliate to National Shop Stewards Network

i) Information on Working Class Life and Music Festival starting 22 April

j) Notification of Workers’ memorial Day event 28 April GMB Columbus Quay, 9.30am, Unite 12 noon Georges Dock Pier Head.

k) Morning Star Financial Appeal

l) Information on and from the Liverpool Socialist Singers

m) Leaflet on Insurrection event running until 12 April (see previous month’s minutes

n) request from may Day organisers for LTUC speaker – Anti-cuts sub committee proposed Martin Ralph due to his recent involvement in strike action

o) The Democrat – paper of the Campaign against Euro federalism

n) Request from Love Music Hate Racism that LTUC join Saturday stall campaigning against BNP/EDL on 16 and 30 April

m) Notification from Love Music Hate Racism of Liverpool anti-racist music festival planned for 9 July 2011

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