Come to the Liverpool People’s Assembly Against the Cuts

All welcome
Free Event
Saturday 4 June—11– 4.30pm
The Black-E, Great George Street, Liverpool L1 5EW

On 26 March the workers and communities of Britain spoke with one voice. The half a million people who marched – and included everyone from trade unionists, through students and pensioners to local community  campaigners – want to fight the cuts and stop them, not just protest against them. They want action, not words. As more and more workers face cuts in jobs and services, as more and more service users find their services slashed, as more and more families face the prospect of one or other of their members cast on to the scrap heap of unemployment resistance will grow.
To keep up the momentum against the cuts, to maintain the unity of all workers, across public and private sectors, across all communities regardless of race, nationality or religion, across the age gap and across the employed and unemployed – Liverpool Trades Union Council has called a People’s Assembly Against the Cuts.

We invite your union branch, campaign or community organisation to support this event on 4 June. It will be a forum for discussion and planning, it will be a working meeting shaped by you, and it will be an organising centre for action. It will represent the real voice of the people of our city – a voice that says loud and clear to the Con Dem Government and to the Labour City Council: stop all cuts to our jobs and services.

If you want to support this event please write to us. If you want to book a stall for your campaign contact us. There will be room for several and we will book them in on a first come, first serve basis.

But above all—come to the event and help take the campaign against the cuts forward.

What will happen on theday?

10 –11am—Registration to 12.15pm—Defending our Public Services, discussion led by a panel
including NUT, Unison, UCU, PCS

12.15pm to 1.15pm—Food, networking and time to browse the stalls and link up the

1.15pm—2.30pm—Defending our NHS, discussion led by a panel including Unite,
Unison, Keep Our NHS Public

2.30pm—3.00pm—Break and more networking

3.00pm—4.15pm—Defending Our Communities, a discussion led by a panel
including speakers from the city’s black and ethnic minority communities, from the
student community, from community centres and from unemployed activists.

4.15—Where to next? A proposal from Liverpool Trades Union Council

(All speakers will be in a personal capacity unless stated otherwise on the day)

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Secretary’s Report – Annual general Meeting March 2011

At last year’s AGM we had nine delegates in attendance. That marked a real improvement, especially as the majority of those delegates were from branches that had affiliated over the previous period and were in the main well rooted trade union activists.

The hard work put into building the Trades Council by that core of activists has paid dividends this year – dividends that are far more valuable than the cheques handed out to the banks’ parasitic shareholders. Liverpool Trades Union Council has started to grow again. This is the main point of my report this year. The Trades Council is once again becoming a factor in the life of the city’s labour movement and its struggles.

The major reason for this promising development is the combination of the political experience of the trades council activists and the onslaught on the working class by the Con Dem coalition government through its savage programme of public sector cuts. From the passing of our anti-cuts resolution in June, which recognised the nature of the attacks and set out plans for organising against them, through to tonight’s AGM, we have worked as a team to place the council at the centre of resistance.

Our public meetings – one in September of 61, one in February 2011 of over 400 – have raised our profile. Our lobbies – in November and in March – have turned that profile into a recognised centre of organising opposition to the government and the cuts. Our participation in every march and action against the cuts, from the lobbies of the Lib Dems through to the four coaches we have booked for the forthcoming TUC demo on 26 March, have caused trade unionists across the city once again to look to us for leadership and organisation. Our newsletter, one of the first initiatives by the unions in the city against the cuts, was eagerly distributed around workplaces. All of this is reflected in the increasing numbers of affiliations.

At the same time we have not lost sight of other actions and causes. We carried out work with the victims of the Haiti earthquake by establishing links with rank and file trade unionists in that country. We have campaigned against the persecution of asylum seekers such as Elia and Lily. We have taken our place in the front ranks of the struggle against fascism, both in its BNP guise and its EDL one. We have actively participated, especially via John Flanagan, in the events commemorating Robert Tressell. And we celebrated the 90th birthday of Bill Hunter, a more recent and still living connection with our city’s heritage of struggle. We have supported today’s campaigns around health and safety at work and against blacklisting. We have supported the programme of events remembering the 1911 transport strike in the city. We gave full support to the events organised last October in Liverpool by the International Brigade Memorial Trust helping make its AGM a highlight of its calendar.

Together with other everyday activities this is an excellent record of work by the trades council. I am pleased to have been able to play a part in all of this and look forward to building on our work in the year ahead.

As always, it has been a privilege to work alongside the officers and activists of the trades council and this year, given the help and support comrades have given me while I have been dealing with illnesses – both my own and those of my mother and mother-in-law – I owe a special thanks to you all. Your personal solidarity has been of inestimable value to me. Thank you.

Mark Hoskisson, Secretary, Liverpool Trades Union Council, March 2011

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Welcome to the Digital Age

Hey everyone. This is the new blog for the Liverpool Trades Council. Announcements, minutes, press-releases and the such will be published on here. Steadily a back-log of documents will be uploaded.

We will even soon have facebook :).

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